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  • Seafoam Trident

    This weapon was wielded by the ancient [[Taibur]] kings before they were brought into the kingdom of [[Roan (city) | Roan]]. It was sealed away, along with the ancient family's wealth and other treasure, so they could not appose their new rulers.

  • Taibur

    *Patriarch:* [[Vegrus Taibur]] (deceased?) *Matriarch:* [[Ellen Taibur]] *Heir:* [[Cerwyn Taibur]] *Seat:* [[Taihold]] *Allegiance:* Red (last official known …

  • Taihold

    Taihold is a bustling trade port and seat of house [[Taibur]]. The surrounding …

  • Vegrus Taibur

    Vegrus Taibur was delivered a plea for help from Lord [[Thomas Thegian]] by the players, but was non-committal with his response. Instead, he hired the players to recover a treasure from an [[Ancient Taibur King's Crypt]]. Specifically, he sought the …

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