Vegrus Taibur

Vegrus Taibur was delivered a plea for help from Lord Thomas Thegian by the players, but was non-committal with his response.

Instead, he hired the players to recover a treasure from an Ancient Taibur King’s Crypt. Specifically, he sought the Seafoam Trident and wealth that had been stored away in the crypt. He revealed his intent to take advantage of the civil war in Roan, and establish Taihold as its own independent nation.

Once the players had recovered the treasure, Lord Vegrus awarded them a whole half of the hoard.

On the return trip to Taihold, Lord Vegrus’s small armada of ships was attacked by an organized band of wildlings and pirates. In the desperation of the battle, Ukkonen sounded the Horn of Winter, summoning many fearsome Air Elementals that wreaked havoc on Taibur and privateer ships alike.

It is not known if Lord Vegrus survived the battle.

Vegrus Taibur

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